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Quick Guide to Gaining World-Class Clarity (Take the "Get to Know Yourself" Questionnaire)

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Lack of clarity is the death of productivity AND joy.

I’ve seen it personally (... yes, I admit it!), and I’ve seen it in countless individuals and organizations. Whether it’s clarity on any given day, for a project or for a long-term mission, clarity is more important than you may even realize.

See, what we think and what we say to ourselves over and over again... we tend to believe. Take it even a step further. These thoughts and comments we make to ourselves (our internal dialogue) can manifest in our actions and eventually in the life we create for ourselves.

Clarity is the starting line for our best and most joyous selves.

Our ship needs to know where to sail, and we must believe the destination is not too remote. We must also know WHY we care so deeply... really why.

Leroy Dixon is a 2x Olympian and gold medalist in track and field. In a recent interview, I was surprised to learn, Dixon doesn’t even like track and field, nor was he particularly physically coordinated as a child. Leroy did notice however, that the faster he ran, the more connected his seemingly disconnected family became. As all the Dixon’s cheered for Leroy, they bonded together. He was running to save his family, and Leroy felt he better run as fast as he could.

He did.

Here’s the thing, we all have our Olympics. We are smart and capable enough. We do not need permission except the permission we give ourselves, and I wholeheartedly believe IT’S OUR TIME. It’s time to commit to progress, to let go of perfection, and not to wait for the permission of anyone else.

But how?

  • Step 1: Decide it’s time.
  • Step 2: Get to know yourself ... or maybe just get re-acquainted.

Below is a great tool called the "Get to Know Yourself Questionnaire," and its purpose is to help you next-level your understanding of WHO you are and WHAT is important to you. You’ll be looking from a perspective that may be unfamiliar, but it may be a catalyst for you to ignite momentum and inspire consistent action.

Get to Know Yourself Questionnaire

  1. Are there any people or life events that have been highly influential on you? If so, how did they make you think, or what did they make you wonder about?

  2. Without thinking about it too much, what makes you smile? What makes you happy? What makes you proud of yourself?

  3. If you were sitting across the table your best and most successful self (as defined by you), what would that self tell you to start or to stop doing?

  4. By making progress towards your best self, who else will it impact? In other words, who will you serve as a role model for? Who will you influence? Who will you help? Who will struggle unnecessarily if you give up or don’t’ try?

  5. If you were given three months to act or your dream would vanish forever, what would you start or stop doing this week?

  6. What do you consider your strengths that you enjoy most?

  7. If you were going to make a HUGE ask to someone for help, who would that be?

  8. Why would this be important to getting what you want and deserve?

  9. Why haven’t you done it yet?

  10. Imagine yourself out in nature standing on the top of a mountain with a magic wand and looking up at the top of a neighboring much bigger mountain. If you could wave a magic wand to transform your future self into the highest and happiest version of you, what would your highest and happiest self have accomplished and how would she/he feel?

  11. When you are taken from this world, what do you want to be remembered for, and why is that important to you?

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