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Ever Regretted NOT Speaking Up?

Ever Regretted NOT Speaking Up?

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Have you ever had a birthday come and go when you received nothing? No recognition, no card, no special dinner. Nothin'! That happened to me a while back, and it felt like I was invisible and no one cared. The reality was that the most important people in my life cared, but it somehow slipped their busy minds.

See, it’s a human drive to be acknowledged and validated. For example, "Happy birthday!" "Can we spend some time together?" "I made you a card that has a heartfelt note." etc.

When it comes to work, we can have greater influence on ourselves and our teams if we acknowledge our/their milestones... great and small. If we celebrate the process and not just the outcomes, such as making those follow-up calls, the trips to the gym, or trying that new recipe... rather than just the closed deals, weight loss or delicious meals prepared.

If we are not receiving what we need from our colleagues, management, family or friends, we must speak up and be heard, so we can be our best. If not, our deeper connection, collaboration or innovation can be weakened or lost.

There are three main reasons (types of fear) why we do not speak up:

  1. Process Pain:
    The journey (process) will be too difficult, so we do not attempt it.

  2. Outcome Pain:
    If I put in all the hard work, maybe it will not turn out as I hoped.

  3. Fear of Failure:
    If I try, I may get rejected or not be successful.

For me, it was #3.

I spent 25 years working with the world-class athletes globally, but I knew I had more in me. I knew I could serve at a higher level. I wanted to influence individuals and teams in business to be their best. I wanted to be on bigger stages, and have a bigger voice to help ordinary people to be extraordinary... so they did not have to go through the struggle that I did. I wanted to unlock their potential, so they could feel the joy that comes along with being their best.

But, I was afraid.

What if senior leaders in Fortune 500 companies don’t think what I have to say is important?

Am I good enough to be the best or just to coach the best?

Let’s decide. De-cide, meaning put a death to any other option. Decide it is your time. Then surround yourself with influencers who can show you the way to your next level of ambition and joy.

That’s what I did four years ago, and that’s when my business and my life changed.

We Are Only Limited By the Dream We Cannot See.

I’ve seen the transformation in myself, my kids, thousands of individual and corporate clients who have achieved what at first seemed impossible.

I believe in YOU. You are enough. You just need the right tools, and to surround yourself with the right people.

How About You? What is Holding You Back?

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