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How to Drive More Revenue and Impact with Your Partners - an Interview with Autum Grimm (PartnerTap)

impact revenues worth May 22, 2024

In this Fearless Female Leader interview, I dive into inspiration, influence and self-worth with Autum Grimm, Chief Revenue Officer at PartnerTap.

Autum shares her personal inspiration drawn from influential women in her life, emphasizing the power of representation and self-worth. She advocates for emotional intelligence and mental resilience through practices like meditation and journaling.

Autum was surrounded by females growing up who were entrepreneurs, sole proprietors, and leaders in their community.

One of those leaders was her Aunt, Dr Minga Guerrero who was the first Latina female chiropractor on the West Coast.

Autum witnessed a strong powerhouse show up not only in family gatherings, but in any professional setting that she saw her in. And not just be a part of the room (which was predominantly male, and white) but command and lead the room. Representation matters and seeing her aunt in this way allowed Autumn to think about the possibilities for her own future. It allowed her to dream big.

Key Takeaways:

  • Inspiration and Representation 00:02:10
    Autum discusses Inspiration from influential women in her life, particularly her aunt, Dr. Minga Guerrero, as a young person.
  • Self Worth from an Early Age
    00:07:46 The importance of self-worth in business and career growth, and creating a supportive environment for women and the impact it had for Autum.
  • Evolving Business Landscapes
    00:13:15 Autum dives into the consequences of not adapting to the evolving business landscape and the competitive advantage offered by PartnerTap

Watch my video interview with Autum Grimm for more in-depth perspective.

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Cheering you on always!
- Sheryl


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