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What No One Tells You About the "F"-Word (... It's Not What You Think)

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I’m going to address the “F” word right away so I don’t get in trouble. The “F” word is “Fear.”
Emotions can propel us to greatness, or they can paralyze us, bringing creativity, productivity and motivation to a screeching halt. I sure prefer the later for moments that really matter and for long-term ambitions. Let’s talk about the Emotional Wheel and “F”ear, as well as how your mindset may affect how you plan and how you perform under pressure. The good news is that you can learn the tools to dream big, do small and crush it especially when it matters. Zone Performance is not just for the elite few, it’s for you too!

  • Green area means that you likely have a deep awareness and understanding of what emotions you experience, which ones serve you, which ones don’t as well as how to manage your emotions for optimal performance and optimal long-term thinking.
  • Yellow area means caution. You may not be as aware of your emotions and how to regulate them. You can recover and get back to zone performance from here, but it may be challenging. There can also be consequences when it comes to creativity, productivity and motivation if recovery is not set into motion quickly.
  • Red area means it is unlikely you will be able to recover back to zone performance without a significant break or stopping what you’re doing all together. This is where the ‘downward spiral’, limiting beliefs (‘Maybe my goal is too lofty.) and learned helplessness (‘Maybe I am not good enough.) live. Creativity, productivity and motivation are infrequent visitors here.

Whether it’s for moments that matter or whether for planning your long-term ambitions, your mindset and how you deal with fear matters. Keep in mind that world-class athletes are human just like us, and they feel all types of emotions including negative ones. The difference is that they know how to manage them and even use them to get back into ‘zone’ performance and into ‘zone’ future planning, sooner rather than later. You can learn how to get back into the zone too. It starts with being aware of your emotions and aware of where you want to be, especially in moments that matter most.

Here's to you being awesome!

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