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1 Epic Formula to Manage Emotions When the Stakes Are High

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Being able to manage emotions is a tool that can come in handy during important events at school, at home or in competitive situations.

Since emotions drive behavior, this is an important skill to understand and master, so all your hard work can pay off. Once it’s game time, it is time to trust yourself. In other words, trust that your desired result will happen (even if you are not so sure!)

World-class athletes perform their best when they are calm, carefree (of the outcome) and focused (on the most important thing to do their best). In other words, they trust and believe in themselves. Not being able to manage emotions is distracting, and the consequences can be significant and frustrating.

Keep this formula in mind, and you too will be able to champion your best results:

Emotional Control + Trust = Success.

Here’s how to get started with managing your emotions, especially when the stakes are high:

1.)  Recognize when feeling nervous or doubtful.
If you are thinking ‘I am worried about my performance because there is a lot riding on it.’, recognize that ‘worry’, and be at peace with it. You can think ‘I’m worried and that’s ok.’ It’s important to realize that typically emotions need to be felt before they can be moved aside.

2.)  Release.
Many times, it’s fear that drives negative emotions. We need to pass through fear and get to courage, so we can do our best. One way to do this is to challenge and even welcome your fear, and then commit to doing your best regardless. For example, you have a big presentation coming up, and you are worried about the consequences if you don’t do well.Welcome that worry. Challenge yourself to feel it full force. Then commit to preparing the best way you can. It’s time to slay the worry, not back away from it.

3.)  Strategize.
You should be in a better place now to get down to what matters! Think of the most important thing for you to do your absolute best. It may be to ask relevant questions, keep eye contact, explicitly ask for what you want at the end of the conversation or breathing a certain way while competing. Whatever it is ... it must be in your control.

Elite athletes know how to manage emotions when it matters, and now you can too!

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