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Wisdom Gained and Lessons Learned in January

Wisdom Gained and Lessons Learned in January

Sometimes trying to evolve into the best version of ourselves means we have to get downright uncomfortable... sometimes emerging victorious and sometimes not.

I’ve got some great nuggets of wisdom to share from an incredible January 2020, as well as a colossal failure that I hope we can all be inspired by and learn from! 

January 14-20, 2020:

I headed to San Diego to drop off my daughter Megan at Kerry and Colin Smith's Journey Retreat. Megan is 20 years old, a total rockstar student and all around human being who happens to struggle with severe anxiety at times. Kerry is a colleague of mine, and my husband and I have been through her program. It’s intense, and I worried a little (ok a lot) if the baby in the family could or would not want to handle it. Megan went, rocked it and is forever changed with new life changing tools to manage her anxiety, be happier and ready for her next chapter: transferring colleges in the Fall. 

  • Wisdom gained: Trust your gut even if it makes you and someone you love uncomfortable.
  • Lesson learned: Adult kids (and the rest of us:) need tools to manage anxiety, stress and/or depression, so they don’t attempt to numb it, and they are up for the challenge!

January 25, 2020:

Off to Redmond, WA to moderate a High Performance Leadership panel at Microsoft’s Women in Cloud Summit 2020. Before I say how amazing it was, let me share that I applied to speak at this conference in 2019 and got denied. Yep, N.O. So, my husband and I asked if they needed volunteers, to which they said ‘Y.E.S.’ We met the key organizers (as well as countless other amazing women and men), and applied again for 2020. See, to me ‘no’ means ‘maybe not just yet’:). Back to the amazing WIC 2020, the panel I moderated had four incredible heart-centered leaders and influencers, JJ ConwayAmy ProtexterEileen Scully , and Linda Rose. Incredible knowledge was shared, and everyone was on point and ended on time, BOOM! Success.

  • Wisdom gained: ‘No’ is an invitation to try again. 
  • Lesson learned: Practice every day as if success is inevitable. One day you’ll be called and you will be ready!

January 27, 2020:

Here’s a crazy one. A full production crew films me for 3 hours in my living room for a Netflix documentary. Ok, so I’m not the only one in the film, but this is pretty darn exciting! The name is still in the works, but it’s about people in the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley who have overcome significant obstacles to achieve greatness. I take on the moderator part, explaining what sets these people apart from everyone else.

  • Wisdom gained: Delving into the unknown can be risky, but it can also yield the greatest rewards.
  • Lesson learned: Take advantage of opportunities to scale the reach of who would benefit from your expertise.

January 29-31, 2020:

Wrapped up the month with the World Changing Women Summit in Sonoma, CA which someone whom I greatly admire recommended I go. I knew two things going into this conference: 

  1. It was not in my wheelhouse.
  2. My speaking/travel calendar was already maxed for the month.

The result of overriding my gut and my travel and recovery goals? Despite many of the incredible women there, it was not a good experience for me (details upon request), AND I was just plain run down. 

Here’s the fail: That Monday I came down with a bad flu. Blew the doors off business goals for the month but sacrificed my health. Yes, us High Performance Coaches miss the mark sometimes, in a big way. Course correction done!

  • Wisdom gained: Rest and recovery needs to be planned and adhered to like a religion.
  • Lesson learned: Get some accountability on your goals that you may be tempted to bend. In my case, it tends to be in the self care department. Sound familiar? :)

I’d love to hear about your month! Be sure to email me or post on our social!

To your next level of impact, joy and good health!


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