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Why Everyone Should Care About Equality, and What We Can Do NOW


In this insightful episode, I welcome Kristen Anderson, CEO of European Women on Boards, to discuss the critical importance of gender equality and inclusion in leadership roles. 

Kristen, an American living in Italy with a global career spanning multiple countries, shares her journey from a math and chemistry enthusiast to a champion for diversity and inclusion. 

She recounts her transformative experience at Barilla, where she shifted from R&D to become the Chief Diversity Officer, applying her engineering mindset to cultural change. 

Kristen emphasizes the need for women to overcome self-doubt and imposter syndrome, encouraging them to seize opportunities even when they feel unprepared. We then explore the power of active listening, cultural awareness, and the significance of allies in fostering inclusive environments. 

Key Takeaways

Inspiration and Global Journey (00:00:30)
Kristen's upbringing, love for travel, and career choices influenced by her parents and experiences.

Cultural Awareness and Inclusive Leadership (00:09:32)
Challenges faced in cross-cultural leadership and the importance of active listening and inclusivity.

Business Case for Diversity and Inclusion (00:16:17)
The correlation between diverse, inclusively managed teams and better business results, and the difficulty in quantifying diversity's impact.

Intersectionality and Inclusion (00:19:14)
Kristen discusses the challenges of intersectionality and the exponential impact on inclusion and diversity.

Taking Action and Speaking Up (00:25:53)
Kristen urges the audience to take action and speak up against non-inclusive behaviors, emphasizing the impact of silence on acceptance.


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