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What it Takes to Achieve ‘What’s Next’ (Part 2): Plan


In the first part of this series, we looked into the importance of dreaming as the first step towards achieving your next big thing. Now, let’s talk about the second crucial step: Planning! Planning is where your dream starts to take shape, where you map out the route to your destination. Let’s get into it.

Strategic Planning is Your Blueprint
Strategic planning goes beyond a simple to-do list; it serves as an intricate blueprint that brings your dream into focus. A meticulously crafted plan acts as your navigational chart, steering you through both challenges and opportunities with unwavering clarity and purpose.

Prioritize and Sequence
In the planning phase, you’ll likely have a multitude of tasks and objectives. The key is to prioritize them based on their impact and sequence them in a logical, effective order. This ensures you’re not just busy, but productive. It allows you to allocate your resources—time, energy, and capital—where they will have the most significant impact.

Flexibility is Key
A plan should never be set in stone. The business landscape is ever-changing—new challenges arise, markets shift, and opportunities present themselves when least expected. Your plan should be a dynamic document, flexible enough to adapt to changing circumstances while keeping your ultimate goal in sight.

Accountability and Milestones
Accountability is crucial when you’re in the planning phase. Set up milestones that serve as checkpoints along your journey. These milestones help you assess your progress, make necessary adjustments, and keep you focused. Celebrate these small wins; they build momentum and keep your team engaged and motivated.

Planning and taking action consistently is the bridge that connects your dream to reality. It’s the phase where you roll up your sleeves and lay the groundwork for success.

Key take-aways from the video:

  • [00:02] Pursue your dreams without seeking permission from others, as no one has the right to deny you your dreams, even if they aren’t perfect.
  • [2:23] Whether planning or envisioning, consistency and progress are key to achieving your goals; focus on making steady strides.
  • [3:35] Start with the end in mind, envisioning success as if it has already happened, and use this vision to create a roadmap for achieving your dreams.
  • [5:48] Flexibility and agility are crucial in adapting your approach to achieve your goals; don’t compromise on your desired outcome.
  • [7:04] Establish accountability and celebrate process milestones to ensure you take the necessary steps toward your goals and maintain motivation.

Stay tuned for the final installment in this series, where we’ll dive into the ‘Achieve’ phase. Until then, keep planning and leading fearlessly!

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