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Tired of NOT Being Heard?

Tired of NOT Being Heard?

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Four years ago I got asked by a dear friend to sit on a panel for a Google Ventures sponsored event which was hosted by Autodesk. The topic was "Mental Toughness for Women in Tech."

I thanked my friend, and politely declined.

At the time and for the past 25 years, my clients were world-class athletes typically ages 16-22... not the best, brightest and most successful women in technology residing in San Francisco, Silicon Valley and beyond.

Full transparency, I was scared.

Why would they listen to me? I essentially helped the top 1% teens and young adults to be their best, consistently and under highly important or high stakes situations.

Thankfully my friend at Autodesk was persistent, and fortunately I decided that my voice deserved to be heard. I prepared extensively (and then even prepared a lot more), showed up, delivered, and my business was forever changed... especially after I heard this from one of the attendees:

"My company is the culmination of the blood, sweat, tears and it’s a dream for myself and my team. When it’s game-time, and I have to approach VC’s for funding, it’s my Olympics." 

She went on to say that she never learned how to be courageous, the science of how to influence others to stand with her in unity, and how to prepare mentally for a challenging journey or for those defining moments.

Now she does.

Have you ever felt like you had something important to say, or something valuable to contribute, but you kept quiet or played small?

If so, it’s time to decide, which literally means "death of any other option." It’s time to decide if you will show up as you were meant to and have the impact and joy that is rightfully yours.

If you do, who else benefits?

Who is impacted if you don’t?

If you have decided, the first step is to take 20 minutes for yourself to get clear on how you want to feel, and fill out the "Get to Know Yourself Questionnaire" from my ZONED IN book.

I've made this available to all my awesome subscribers to you can download the questionnaire and use it for FREE!


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To your next level of success and joy (and to being heard!) 


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