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Time for an Internal or External Pivot?

Time for an Internal or External Pivot?

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If you can tell by the sheer horror on my face (see this blog article's photo) hearing from the amazing Emma Tommory what was expected of me prior to opening the Women of Silicon Valley 2019 conference this past May, I've definitely been afraid to pivot, to serve at a higher level and have the impact my heart was telling me to go after.

I imagine you’re already successful, but you’re feeling like there is more (impact, joy, contribution…), it may be time to pivot. Whether it’s an internal pivot in your company or your current career, or an external pivot toward something totally different, this typically takes a great deal of personal influence.

Here are 3 tips to get started with an even more influential mindset, so you can start taking more action towards what your heart is telling you:

  • Believe in yourself, your ideas, your worth, and your contribution.
    If you don’t believe you are worthy of influence in an unfamiliar role, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to influence others. The voice that we pay attention to the most is our own, so a great place to start is with strong positive affirmations daily. For example, "I take consistent action towards my next level of serving those who need me." Try saying your affirmation out loud every morning :).

  • Let go of the outcome and the stories in your head.
    Those with an influential mindset are less concerned with the outcome and do not make up stories about what people might think or what might go wrong. They are more concerned about taking consistent action and getting their message across clearly, succinctly, and with impact.

  • Be accountable to someone (or 5:) who believes in you.
    The people who we spend our time with shape who we are. If you are looking to build internal influence, find at least one friend, mentor or coach that fiercely believes in you and your ideas. Make a conscious effort to spend time with him or her to get encouragement, get pushed (...the science says that getting beyond that comfort zone take some strict accountability) and have consistent influential conversations with them, pushing the boundaries of what you at first thought was impossible.

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I am 100% sincere when I tell you that influence can be yours, IF it’s important to you. Like many other skills, it is learned. Here’s to you being amazing and learning how to gain the mindset required to have the influence you desire and that you deserve!

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