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Making Your Second Act Your Main Event - Interview with Martha Delehanty


In this Fearless Female Leadership Interview, I am honored to have a profound and fun conversation with Martha Delehanty, Chief People Officer at Commvault. Join us and soak in the wisdom that she generously shares! Martha’s journey is nothing short of inspiring, her insights are invaluable for anyone looking to elevate their leadership impact, and her words are sure to empower you to be even bolder in your leadership.

Martha shares her inspiring journey, emphasizing the importance of overcoming personal challenges and loss, and even leveraging them for growth. She discusses the significance of setting ambitious goals, intentional time management, and the concept of a "time journal" to track and optimize daily activities.

Martha also highlights the value of surrounding oneself with a supportive team and prioritizing self-care.

Key Takeaways

The story of Martha Delehanty (00:00:24) Martha shares her upbringing, family challenges, and how she rose above it.

Learning from Experience (00:10:16) The value of learning from experiences, being discerning about one's inner circle, and the power of continuous learning.

Making Your Second Act the Main Event (00:20:54) The importance of embracing new opportunities, redefining one's main event, and seeking joy in lifting others while pursuing personal goals.

Listening to the right voices (00:32:08) Focusing on advice from those actively on the journey, not the critics in the "cheap seats."

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