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How to Get Clear on Your Work-Life Counterbalance Plan

counterbalance work-life Oct 31, 2019

How to Get Clear on Your Work-Life Counterbalance Plan

Have you ever tried to balance your work, personal wellness and family... and felt like you are coming up short?

Work-life balance, based on what I’ve experienced and heard from thousands of ambitious women, is a myth that only makes those who chase it feel frustrated and mediocre. Our lives are not perfectly balanced all the time, and sometimes we must swing one way or the other. There are times when our relationships or personal wellness require more of us, and times when we need to allot more time to work. Let’s decide AND give ourselves permission to make shifts, so we can achieve that next level of ambition and joy that you want and deserve... both at work and at home. The idea behind work-life counterbalance is to get more intentional about what matters most and then get clear on how to create a counterbalance that works for you. 

Here are a few tips:

  1. First Assess How You Define Your Best Self.

    Let’s make sure you are being congruent with who you really are, at your core. What are the three words that define your best self? You can be living into those words right now, or they can be three words that you aspire to be. For example, mine are: Clear, Calm, Compassionate. I am by no means perfect at these, but I am always striving, at work and at home. I’d put these as an alarm on your phone at least once a day as well as on a sticky note where you’ll see it at work and at home. These will serve as a North Star to being your best.

    Action step: Taking your three words into account, list one way you can improve at work, at home, and in regards to your personal wellness. For example: Plan my ‘to-do’s’ for work the night before (clear), Meditate three times a day for 10 minutes (calm), Ask how my daughter's and husband’s day was and really listen (compassionate).

  2. Keep Those Closest to Us in the Loop.

    We do not walk in our kids, partner’s or colleague's shoes and they do not walk in ours. It’s important to get clear ourselves about what’s most important and then communicate with your partner, kids and colleagues. For example, I’ve decided that speaking is important to me, so I travel once a month to speak. I had a conversation with my teen-age daughter, so she understands why I’m leaving AND why it’s important to me. I also involve her whenever possible, even if it’s sitting side by side when I’m writing a speech. I also brought her to Detroit this Summer when I volunteered to deliver the keynote at BuildOn, a non-profit I support. Now she understands a little more about what I do, and why it’s important to me and to others. Do you need a day/week off to be more productive or to spend with your family or alone? Need some time with friends or your partner but afraid to leave the kids, or in my case, the dog (lol)? Let’s get clear on what you need to be your best and then communicate to those who matter most.

    Action step: What do you need and how can you communicate to an important person in your life, and when will you do it? Hint: It helps to make it fun, and not say ‘We have to talk’. Try sounding excited and being in an environment (think ice cream, lunch or a walk) that is conducive to a good conversation. 

I honor what you’ve already accomplished at work and at home, and please do not put too much pressure on yourself to be perfectly balanced.  If we can get clear on a work-life counterbalance plan, we can get to that next level of high performance in a sustainable, holistic and happy way.

Here’s to you being amazing!

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