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How NOT to Set Dumb Goals

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In 1976, Steve Wozniak suggested to Hewlett Packard (his employer at the time) the idea of creating a personal computer. He was rejected, so he and his friend Steve Jobs got to work themselves on their dream of individual creativity for each user.

Martin Luther King had a dream that someday we would all be equal.

When Michael Phelps was 7 years old, he had a dream that there were no limits on what he could achieve.

Did these world-class performers meet all of the criteria of S.M.A.R.T. goals (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, timely)? No. They dreamt big and worked every day like that dream was possible, even through massive setbacks and failures.

Here are a couple of reasons why YOU should dream big too:

1.)  Broad to Narrow:

When you dream big, are more optimistic, and shoot for the stars. You are more aware of opportunities that present themselves. This broad awareness may lead you to be more confident and throw your hat into the arena for opportunities that arise. In contrast, a narrow focus, being conservative or unconfident makes it less likely you will try and more likely you will give up if you do try.

2.)  The Two Things That Will Happen:

... if you dream big and proceed every day like it is possible. Your dream will come true or you will reach a level of success that would have otherwise never been available to you. It’s been proven over and over that world-class performers achieve their status based on a belief they can do something and consistent and deliberate hard work.

3.)  Role Model the Way:

Ever since I was in elementary school (a VERY long time ago!) my dad would tell me that I was smart enough to do whatever I wanted. I just needed to learn how to be resilient. I heard that so often, I believed him, and I’ve found it to be true over and over with myself, my kids and with my clients! Consider that we believe what we hear repeatedly from those who have influence over us. Especially from a young age. If you can model the way to dream big, others who look up to you will do the same.

Is there anything big or small that you dream of doing? Maybe a trip, learning a new language, running a half marathon or even reversing global warming:). You are only limited by what you think is possible. So start dreaming big and get a plan in place to do the necessary work to make consistent progress!

I am here to support you and to make this content real.

Here’s to you being amazing!

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