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Hello 2023! Exciting News!!


Happy New Year!

I am incredibly optimistic about the opportunities that lie ahead for women in leadership for 2023. With all the uncertainty with in economy, lay-offs, weather (as I watch the 20 waves in here in California), there is tremendous opportunity to rise while others speculate or are fearful of the ‘what ifs’.  

You are limitless, remember?:) Despite everything going on around you. 

For some, it’s been a very difficult time, and it’s with incredible respect and gratitude that I have for you to keep showing up and inching forward towards a better day. Take comfort in knowing that there is a proven process to help.

For others, opportunity has knocked, and you’ve opened the door wide open! You’ve raised your hand, and the universe has answered in a big way!  

Here are a few facts that I know and many that I didn’t know until I went to my husband’s dear friend, @Tiffany Shlain's opening exhibit at @Shack15 in San Francisco. Women have been in power since the beginning of time (at least since 50,000 BCE when goddesses were worshipped), suffered unthinkable setbacks, persevered, and kept going despite challenges. 

Yes, the experience has been and can be much different for those further marginalized within our gender. The thing is, we’ll need the support of our leadership, so they can make changes from the top down and provide an environment for everyBODY to feel safe, seen, and valued therefore being as innovative and productive as possible.

In the last dozen years, here’s what I’ve witnessed that helps make this happen: 

  1. Becoming crystal clear on what’s next for your legacy 
  2. .Developing emotional agility under pressure
  3. Learning FBI negotiation strategies to gain buy-in from leadership
  4. Managing the Mindset and Habits of team/self during disruptive times to sustain motivation and productivity

The above topics are meant to support a philosophy that I have… that it’s time for women to return to power, to become even greater agents of change for the greater good of our cultures, companies, and ultimately the world. 

Do you or your team want to step into power in 2023 even more? 

If so, there is nothing more that would bring me joy than to be your guide, so you or your team can be the heroes this year. 

The fantastic news is that the Limitless Leader coaching team is growing, so there are more ways we can help.

It is with excitement and tremendous gratitude I share that Stephanie Barros is joining my coaching team! She has over 25 years of experience and specializes in working with emerging leaders. You can read more about Stephanie’s amazing experience and impactful work here.

If we can share a proven process via 1:1 coaching, a one-day intensive, team training, off-site, or speaking, we’d love to be your guide, so you and your teams can be their best in 2023 at a time when your leadership has never been needed more.

If so, you can schedule a time with me, and we’ll map out a plan, together.

Cheering you on always,



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