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Sheryl Kline M.A. CHPC - Press Kit

The Sheryl Kline, M.A. CHPC Press Kit is designed to help journalists, industry analysts and educators research us for background information, speaking opportunities or follow-up stories.

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Front Cover of Sheryl Kline's Book "ZONED-IN: The Mental Toughness Required for a World-Class YOU"

Full Cover Jacket of Sheryl Kline's Book "ZONED-IN: The Mental Toughness Required for a World-Class YOU"

View the Table of Contents for Sheryl Kline's Book "ZONED-IN: The Mental Toughness Required for a World-Class YOU"

Read the Introduction Chapter of Sheryl Kline's Book "ZONED-IN: The Mental Toughness Required for a World-Class YOU"

Client and Corporate Testimonials


  • Defuse Emotionally Charged Conversations and Remain Highly Influential:

    Have you ever let your emotions get the best of you, and then not had the impact you’d hoped for? Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen again, especially when it matters most! In this live and interactive session, you’ll learn how to:

     - Prepare your mindset like an Olympian, so you can stay in your ‘zone’ for maximum impact
    - Set your environment to aid your mental preparation
    - Prepare for all possible outcomes, so you can remain calm and focused
    - Diffuse others’ negativity, so conversations can get back to being productive

  • Navigating Pushback Using Influence and Persuasion Mastery:

    Assess the negotiation style of your counterpart, so you can craft your plan.
    Use tactical empathy to build trust and gain vital information
    Create leverage, so you’re in the driver’s seat

  • Women Helping Women in Our Diverse Female Community:
    Techniques on how to break the bias and implement real change, achieve resilience and retention. The first step of a proven process for women to help each other go from feeling silenced, overlooked, or disrespected to becoming heard, valued, and respected agents of change

  • 3 Strategies to Take Charge of Your Visibility and Impact:
    Put Imposter Syndrome to Rest, Have a Bigger Voice at the Table

  • Your Next 90 Days:
    Tools to Build a Success Blueprint to Ensure Optimal Confidence, Productivity, and Focus 

  • How to Skill Up During Disruptive Times:
    Strategies to Up-level and Sustain Motivation, Productivity, and Impact

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