b.HER.d NOW™ Framework

The Limitless Leader™ program is based on the b.HER.d NOW™ Framework... a scientific-based curriculum for female leaders, emerging leaders and male allies to unlock their next level of impact for themselves and their teams.


Chart Your Path. World-class performers are extremely clear on who they are, how they want to be remembered, on their long-term vision as well as how they want crucial interactions to turn out. With this level of clarity, we too can have a vision for what matters most in our career and in our relationships. Once we see it, feel it, and connect to it, we can get clear on a plan to get there. If we lack clarity, we lack a vision for the best version of ourselves, and creating a roadmap becomes difficult at best. Let’s chart your path to the best version of YOU and what you were put here to do.


Own Your Shift. Without confidence, we risk not having a voice. Why? Five times more powerful than what you say, is the tone and inflection in your voice. Whatever you’re thinking, will likely be interpreted by others. So if you’re going into an interaction thinking “The last 5 interactions have been epic fails … and here we go again” – then your tone is going to lack confidence. Your tone will send a message of doubt. Even if we have the perfect words, consciously or subconsciously, others will likely think “She’s not confident, so I’m not confident in her either.” We also must have a confidence to believe that what we want is possible and also to keep going, especially when it gets difficult. Let’s own your shift, so you can unlock the best version of YOU.


Mobilize Allies. Women in male-dominated industries typically have had to fight, hard to be heard and to see the success they want and deserve. What if there was a better way? World-class performers know how to be highly influential in a calm and authentic way to get others to see their point of view and ideally to stand with them in unity. Since success does not happen in solitude, learning how to be highly influential can help us mobilize allies and build momentum for our cause, together.

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In the coming weeks, I’ll be releasing parts of my new digital course, b.HER.d NOW™, exclusively for my community (you!:). With the official launch coming in September 2020, I can’t wait to hear what you think!

The b.HER.d NOW course will reach 100,000 by the end of 2021, and I am SO excited that you are a part of this movement! We’ve already started via live webinars for Fortune 500 companies, women in leadership organizations and in collaboration with other influencers in this space.

If you or your company are interested in having this curriculum introduced as a live webinar, let’s chat!

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