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b.HER.d NOW Curriculum Introduced as Live Webinar


“Prior to working with Sheryl, I would have been far more anxious about performing in front of our highest leadership, and I would have played safe. I would have been prepared, but I would have taken the safe route and would not have had the courage to take the risk of owning and sharing what I truly believe. Sheryl helped me set myself up for deliberate preparation and action for my success, as well as developing the courage and high level confidence required to speak up and be heard. Without those things, I would have had a seat at the table, but the board meeting would have ended as it normally ends, good but far less impactful. Allowing myself to be vulnerable and to take a risk was the best thing that has happened, and my confidence has gone way up. I know I was impactful which is the greatest currency I could have received. The board meeting ended with MY comments and with the board members saying 'If I could have recorded your comments to play for our 50,000+ employees, I would.' THIS WAS ONE OF THE HIGHLIGHTS OF MY CAREER! This feels amazing at the highest level, and this level of impact would have never happened without my work with Sheryl.”

Female Sales Manager
National Accounts
Fortune 100 Company

If you or your company are interested in having the b.HER.d NOW curriculum introduced as a live webinar, let’s chat!  Please complete the brief form below.

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