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"A Teen's Guide to Mental Toughness" Online Course & Program

As a parent, you want to do whatever you can to help your teen find their joy. You give them plenty of love, but you may not know how to guide your teen to perform their very best, especially when it matters most to them. That’s why I’d like to invite you to accept a “one-time opportunity” to save 33% on my acclaimed online course and program, “A Teen's Guide to Mental Toughness."

Get "A Teen's Guide to Mental Toughness" Online Course and Program Today! Only $297 (a $497 value)

The course consists of easy-to-understand and fun videos and exercises that give your teen a deep understanding of proven success principles… along with a memorable framework and simple practices that they can apply TODAY to start to cope better with challenges and stress in sports and school.

If you’d like to give your teen the tools to develop powerful and lasting “Mental Toughness”, then you'll love what's in our online course and program:​​

  • 52+ audio and video modules teaching my ENTIRE ‘ZONED-IN’ Mental Toughness Framework so that they can be more confident and get more done in less time in school and sports.
  • 100+ page interactive workbook to help teens master the framework and apply it in their daily lives.
  • Easy to complete worksheets for every chapter that will let you (as a parent) see their progress.
  • Pre- and post-tests for Mental Toughness so you and your teen can be proud of their added confidence, and resiliency!
  • Certificate of completion that your teen can proudly display as a reminder of what they have learned, and the new tools they have to go from good to great.
  • Access to all future newsletters, blogs, webinars and podcasts sharing my latest tips for developing Mental Toughness mastery.
  • A comprehensive 35-page "Parent's Guide to Mental Toughness for Teens."

When your teen completes this course, they will have the tools to:

  • Understand how to manage emotions in high-pressure situations.
  • Know how to be accountable for their success.
  • Understand how to set effective objectives, so they can make steady progress.
  • Discover how to manage their internal voice, and be able to Think2Win.
  • Become more proficient even when they are unable to physically practice.
  • ... and so much more!

Need Help Explaining it to Your Teen?

Pass along this link ( for my special video message that introduces "A Teen's Guide to Mental Toughness" directly to your teen. I'll explain how the online course and program can help them to master Mental Toughness and describe what their experience will likely be.

Or if your teen is with you now, simply click on the video.

30 Years of Sports Psychology Research

The course is based on 30 years of Sport Psychology research as well as my personal work with high school, college, and world-class students and athletes. I’ve been honored to present the "ZONED-IN" Mental Toughness framework at Google Ventures, Autodesk, Bank of America and several wonderful organizations including Girls Who Code, National Charity League, Cal Magic Soccer and Academy of Volleyball Palo Alto ... and the feedback has been absolutely amazing!

Now, the regular price for this course is $497… and if you wanted your teen to work with me personally, the value of 10 “1-on-1” sessions is $5,000. However, now, on this page, I’d like to invite you to save 33% and access my full course, called "A Teen's Guide to Mental Toughness” for only $297.

As a bonus, I’ll also include a 50% discount off any future 1-on-1 consulting should you want your teen to have their own personal “Mental Toughness” coach!

I also want to make sure this is a completely risk-free decision for you. So when you claim this discounted course today, I’m offering a 30 day money back guarantee.
Have your teen go through the online course and program.  If you and your teen don’t feel like their confidence and ability to perform their best in stressful situations in school and sports is boosted significantly ... then simply email me within 30 days at [email protected] for a full refund. No issues, no questions, and no hassles.

If you think your teen could benefit from learning a life skill that will serve him or her through high school, college and beyond, I encourage you to order "A Teen’s Guide to Mental Toughness" today and we'll get them access immediately!

I look forward to helping your teen to go from good to great!

Be awesome!
- Sheryl -

Testimonials from Parents and Coaches

“I love the idea of a weekly plan and meeting with parents. It should become a common habit in every family. Also, it’s very important to write your plan down, it helps the teenager to be accountable. Sheryl’s “ZONED-IN” framework works!”

- Competitive Club and College Volleyball Coach -

“Sheryl’s "ZONED-IN" Mental Toughness framework has been an invaluable tool. I’m sure it will serve my son well for the rest of high school, college and beyond. And this would be for academics, sports and life in general.”

- Mother of a 15 Year-Old Student/Athlete -

“My daughter was very excited about her "ZONED-IN" Success Chart! She shared her goals with me and really feels optimistic about getting more of a command on her study habits. She is a super hard worker and a top student, but has been struggling with how to become more efficient. Such a difference in attitude!”

- Mother of a 15 Year-Old Student/Tap Dancer -

“In the formation of our U17 team for the upcoming season, we knew we had a physically talented team, but would be lacking any strong team cohesion. Once the team had bought into the idea that training their mental game was just as important as developing their physical competencies, our team began to exhibit the necessary success traits consistent with championship level teams. We give a large amount of credit to Sheryl for her "ZONED-IN" Mental Toughness framework in helping the team to realize their potential, at an accelerated rate, and ultimately achieving our stated goal.”

- Roger Worsley, Club Director and Coach, Pacific Rim Volleyball Club -

Get "A Teen's Guide to Mental Toughness" Online Course and Program Today! Only $297 (a $497 value)



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