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10 Mental Toughness Coaching for Teens Sessions

Is your teen struggling to perform their best especially when it matters to them? Do they have challenges recovering from errors or mistakes? Does your teen have the confidence they need to achieve their goals in sports and school?

Teens are under a lot of pressure these days, more so it seems than when we were their age. Sometimes, thoughts and emotions get in the way of teens being able to perform their very best, especially in high pressure situations. With all the time and effort they put in for academics and for athletics, it’s important they have the Mental Toughness skills to perform at their highest level possible, especially when it matters to them. Not everyone can be an Olympic athlete, but everyone CAN learn how to have a world- class mindset. Sheryl coaches teens how to be ZONED-IN™ so they can practice efficiently and compete under pressure ... both athletics and academics.

Mental Toughness Coaching for Teens Services

For 10 weeks, our Mental Toughness Coaching for Teens program engages your son/daughter in "live" 1:1 one-hour sessions directly with Sheryl, along with mentoring lessons, discussion notes, application exercises, challenges and more.

Your Teen Will Gain New Mental Toughness Skills and Gather Tools to:

  • Understand how to manage emotions in high-pressure situations
  • Know how to be accountable for their success
  • Understand how to set effective objectives, so they can make steady progress
  • Discover how to manage their internal voice, and be able to Think2Win
  • Become more proficient even when they are unable to physically practice
  • ... and so much more!

Sheryl Can Help Your Teen Find Their JOY!


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