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Ultimate Mental Toughness Starter Packs

Need a shift in your mindset? The Ultimate Mental Toughness Starter Packs consist of 19 high-value sets of videos, tips, articles and worksheets focused on developing introductory-level "Confidence", "Purpose" and "Emotional Control" skills ... packaged up and easy to access.


  • 4 Confidence Tips to Achieve Your Next BIG WIN
  • Tactics to Make This YOUR Breakout Year
  • My Gift to You: A Secret Tool How to Show Up and Deliver
  • It's Time! (Secrets to Step Outside Your Comfort Zone)
  • What No One Tells You About the "F"-Word (... It's Not What You Think)
  • 1 Confidence Hack You Can Start Right Now
  • 3 Reasons Why You Should Dream Big (and Not S.M.A.R.T.)


  • You Can Get UNSTUCK. Here's How...
  • Quick Guide to Gaining World-Class Clarity (Take the "Get to Know Yourself" Questionnaire)
  • 3 Tips to Gain World-Class Clarity in 2018
  • How To Develop the Confidence to Live Your Purpose
  • Learn How to Be More Purposeful (Part 1)
  • The Purpose Builder Worksheet

Emotional Control

  • The Real Secret for Leveraging Mental Toughness to Rock Disruption
  • 3 Tips to Use Negative Emotions as a Superpower
  • One World-Class Tool to Crush Negative Thoughts and Excuses
  • Why You Need Fear (Not Just on Halloween)!
  • 3 Secrets to Use Disruption as a Superpower (Mentally and Strategically)
  • 1 Epic Formula to Manage Emotions When the Stakes Are High



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