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4 Mental Toughness Coaching 1:1 Sessions + Special Bonuses!

Let's lay the foundation for you to achieve your next "Big Win." You can have the same mindset tools as world-class performers and business leaders.

1:1 Mental Toughness Coaching

For 4 weeks, our Mental Toughness Coaching program will engage you in "live" 1:1 one-hour sessions directly with Sheryl, along with discussion notes, session recordings, application exercises, challenges and more.

People get excited about this because they now have a coach who will collaborate with them, cheer them on, and challenge them to reach a whole new level of passion, performance and success in their life.

Each weekly session with Sheryl will help you get to the next level, and you'll have Sheryl's support and expertise. Make the decision to take your performance to the next level. You deserve it, and the world needs to see your best.

Weekly Sessions

  • You'll have one personal call (or video conference) typically every week 
  • 4 sessions centered around my ZONED-IN Mental Toughness framework
  • Weekly action plan worksheets

What Will I Learn?

Over the next 4 weeks you will engage with 7 topics that will provide the foundation required so you can reach heightened and sustained levels of Mental Toughness in your career, personal wellness, relationships and more..

I believe every business investment should be taken seriously, so I have provided a thorough overview of my Mental Toughness Coaching program as well as all of the topics we will cover.

Click on a button below to view the topic and description of each weekly session.

Sessions 1-4: Mental Toughness Coaching ("Mindset")

The first four weeks you will learn the Mental Toughness required to be world-class at what matters most to you. What separates the best from the rest are learned skills to not only manage thoughts and emotions but to use them to your advantage. These tools are NOT reserved for the elite few, they are learned skills available to anyone willing to put in the work. Mental Toughness is the foundation to building your dream. It's a tool you'll need to possess throughout your journey to be your best. With out Mental Toughness, it's like building your dream home on quicksand, and we don't want that. At the end of these four weeks, you will have clarity on what you want, and a plan for how to get there. You'll be able to apply some of the same tools used by world-class athletes and senior business leaders to master your mindset... and achieve what you want and deserve.

Refining Clarity, Purpose and Accountability

Getting to know what you want, why it's important to you and setting a structure that will keep you on track.

Building Your Custom Roadmap

A detailed map to where you want to go.

Noteworthy Focus and Emotional Control

World-class tips to use your thoughts and emotions to your advantage.

Dialog, Imagery Training and Neutralizing Errors

Advanced tools to accelerate progress and get better quicker.

... And You'll Receive These Awesome Special BONUSES with Your 4 Session Package (Valued at $6,997):

  • One-Hour Intensive:  following session #4 we'll have a separate 60-minute 1:1 session with the objective of identifying challenges, reassessing goals, accelerating progress and answering your Mental Toughness questions (value $997).

  • Full Access to Mental Toughness Academy Online Training Program: easy-to-understand videos, audio tracks, worksheets and other tools that give you a deep understanding of proven Mental Toughness principles… along with a memorable framework and simple practices that you can apply TODAY to start to gain clarity, accelerate progress and perform you best, especially when it matters most (value $297).

  • Full Access to A Teen's Guide to Mental Toughness Online Training Program: fun videos, audio lessons and exercises that give your teen a deep understanding of proven success principles… along with a memorable framework and simple practices that they can apply TODAY to start to cope better with challenges and stress in sports and school (value $197).

  • Full Access to Live Mental Toughness Mastery Roundtable with Q&A: each month, join Sheryl as she hosts a "live" group training and Q&A to answer any and all questions that you may have about Mental Toughness, High Performance and getting "ZONED-IN!" Also, every participant is enrolled into a closed Facebook Group setup to handle ongoing Q&A throughout the month (value $1,997).

  • Comp Ticket to Attend High Performance Academy:  join me as my guest at the world’s most comprehensive motivation and high performance training for achievers. High Performance Academy is lead by Brendon Burchard, the world’s leading high performance coach and trainer (value $1,997).
  • Comp Tickets to All My Events: join me as my guest throughout the year as I host various in-person and online Mental Toughness and High Performance events (value $1,512). 

Next Step: Let’s Hop on the Phone, Zoom or Skype and See if I Can Help You!

To begin, and to see if you qualify, just follow these instructions right now:

  1. If I've already notified you that you're qualified, simply click a Pricing Option at the top of this screen on the right, then click Purchase Offer. Once I receive your initial payment, we'll setup your coaching schedule. (AWESOME! ... I'm so excited for you, you're going to love this!)
  2. If not, simply fill out my questionnaire/application for your High Performance Strategy Session.

I'm looking forward to working with you. I KNOW what this has done for so many people, and am excited for how we can help you, too!

Here's to you being amazing!

Sheryl Kline
Certified High Performance Coach™


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