Executive Peer Advisory 

Refine Clarity. Build Momentum. Compound Impact.

Imagine being a founding member of a confidential group of like-minded female executives from non-competing organizations. Joining you will be no more than 11 other female executives to work through challenges and opportunities while gaining world-class connections as well as emotional and tactical support.

Meeting every other month, you’ll be part of a curated cohort that helps you think even bigger, refine clarity on a legacy plan, and gain even more confidence and influence with your next level of impact.

By invitation or referral only.


Limitless Leader Executive Peer Advisory 

 Be part of a confidential and supportive community of purpose-driven female leaders who are committed to driving real change. Membership benefits include a curated community, connections, peer advisory, coaching and guest speakers.
Begins in February 2023.

This Community is

  • Female executives and thought leaders at non-competing organizations
  • An intimate cohort (max. 12)  
  • Women who you can trust, turn to, learn from, laugh with, and support

Who This is For

  • C-level and senior executives or board members

  • Those who have been dissatisfied with past peer groups where lack of commitment, political credibility, or risk impeded your ability to be as honest and/or transparent

  • Those seeking a cohort where the walls are down and members are not afraid to be vulnerable and authentic with their challenges

Who This is Not For

  • Mid- or lower-level managers and directors
  • Anyone who doesn’t have the bandwidth or interest in committing to showing up for themselves and the other Limitless Leader Executive Peer Advisory members
  • Those who are more interested in being seen or gaining greater visibility than supporting each other

What You Will Experience

  • 90-minute LIVE virtual sessions every other month
  • Coaching, hot seats, community, and connection
  • Monthly, 30-minute, one-on-one sessions with Sheryl (optional)
  • Optional participation at LIVE (in-person) event for April 2023. Recordings will be available for non-attendees
  • Community giving. We'll come together to learn about the non-profits that members are passionate about and make private pledges as a community
  • Guest speakers (TBA)
  • Consistent progress on your mission

Why We'd Love for You to Participate

  • Get refined clarity on what your next level of impact is and how to make consistent progress
  • Discover who you need to influence to get on board—and how
  • Break down your next level of impact, so it doesn't feel too big to undertake
  • Build priceless relationships


How is This Different Than Chief?

  • Small, intimate, private and confidential community.
  • Sessions are pre-planned based on a scientifically proven process.
  • Wraps in an executive coaching component where members can have confidential conversations and support on individual initiatives.
  • Non-competitive membership.
  • Structured agendas with details shared ahead of time.
  • Think tank to push initiatives forward.

Why Are the Dues for This Executive Cohort More Expensive Than Chief?

  • Not an executive membership. It’s a small curated cohort.

  • Includes group and individual executive coaching at no additional charge.


100% Participation Requested

*In an effort to ensure the greatest impact for you and the other members, everyone will be asked for a full commitment to attend all sessions.


I'm Sheryl Kline, M.A. CHPC

I help ambitious, heart-centered female leaders to become limitless agents of change.

I’ve had the honor of working with some of the most prolific and influential female leaders in San Francisco, Silicon Valley, and across the country. I have also witnessed the transformation and power of women who are truly limitless.

My coaching process empowers you to shift your mindset and gives you a foundation to take control of your legacy... to help you access what you're being called to do next... to influence UP for equality and real change.

Let's join together to refine your clarity, build consistent momentum, and compound your impact, when it's never been needed more.

"I couldn't be happier with how this year has gone, and with the coaching I've received from Sheryl."

- Kelly Nagel, President and GM, Jabra

"Sheryl and her Limitless Leader system have helped me tremendously. I feel much more powerful and in control of my destiny."

- Christina West, VP and GM, Infinity West Partners

"The transformation I experienced was a result of the profound help that Sheryl delivered."

- Kim Rosenberg, CFP and Managing Principal, Rosenbaum Financial

Limitless Leader Executive Peer Advisory

Let's have a conversation and discover if this is right for you.